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There are countless different facets to the industrial automation field. While the different areas of automation may require different technology, they all have something in common: precision. Making sure position, velocity and acceleration are at their specified values is the primary function of servomotors. Whether you’re in the field of robotics, CNC machining or automated manufacturing, there are servomotors available for your needs.

Precision and efficiency are key to running a functioning automation system, which in turn, is key to your business. Servomotors are not actually a specific class of motors; servomotors use feedback to control their own motion and position. Dependable position, velocity and acceleration are crucial for any form of automation to run efficiently. Servomotors are typically paired with an encoder of some form to give feedback on both position and speed.

If you’re looking to switch from stepper motors to servomotors, there are many benefits of these rotary actuators. Servomotors deliver more feedback than stepper motors do, allowing your work to be done with greater accuracy. Also, servomotors are a closed-loop mechanism while stepper motors are an open-loop mechanism. While a servomotor rests after it has rotated to the desired position, stepper motors do not; rather, they lock and hold onto the desired position, all while consuming power.

Distributing servomotors from only the best companies is what makes Triad Technologies stand out from the competition when you are looking for industrial automation supplies. Our main partner for servomotors is Altek Motion. Altek carries AC Servomotors (by SEM and Altek Motion) and Brushless DC Servomotors. With numerous years designing and manufacturing for the industrial automation business, Altek Motion knows what motor works best for each application. Not entirely sure what motor you need though? Altek offers Downloadable PDFs with information on all of their products to help you figure out which one suits your needs. And, as this company designs and manufacturers servomotors, you know that the product you’ll receive will get the job done - with accuracy, of course.

It is important to us at Triad Technologies that we only offer our clients the best quality products from only the best companies in the automation business. This is why we partner with Altek Motion for servomotors. Feel free to view our Line Card to see all of the companies we partner with and the products we can provide. As always, don’t hesitate to Contact Us for more information regarding servomotors and the other products we distribute. The employees at Triad are experts in all aspects of the industrial automation business, so we can help you determine what servomotor best suits your needs.

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