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Meet Sawyer

The industry's fastest-to-deploy collaborative robot, designed to give manufacturers the high performance and critical flexibility needed to automate a wide variety of tasks. Sawyer is a complete solution that includes Intera software, embedded vision, and the ClickSmart family of gripper kits.


Trained by demonstration. Intera software gives its unique user interface - the robot can be trained by simply moving its arm and demonstrating the movements. The robot is up and running, performing a task in a matter of minutes.

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Intera Insights provides critical production metrics directly on the robot, and can identify production anomalies before they become problems. Key Performance Indicators, such as cycle times and part counts, are accessible on the factory floor in real time. The same customizable data is also fed to Intera Studio, providing visibility to other team members.


Sawyer's embedded Cognex Vision System - along with the Intera software - enables the Robot Positioning System, allowing dynamic re-orientation of the robot for easy re-deployment. This combination also enables other complex vision tasks without the need for additional hardware, software or integration. Or seamlessly integrate an external camera in minutes to leverage in-house systems.


While traditional industrial robots have to be kept behind cages, Sawyer is inherently safe, designed to work alongside people, and certified that it meets ISO requirements by TÜV Rheinland (ISO 10218-1:2011 and PLd Cat 3).


Unlike most industrial robots that are position controlled, Sawyer is constantly controlling joint torque and position simultaneously. Sawyer's force sensing behaviors make deployments easier and faster since it can be easily be inserted into workspaces and uses fixtures designed for humans.


The ClickSmart family of gripper kits contains the essential components that allow end users to quickly construct end effectors suitable for most automatable tasks, enabling faster deployments and saving manufacturers hours in programming and part sourcing. The ClickSmart Plate with embedded sensing, gripper recognition and the ability to access actuators and sensors through Rethink Robotics' software platform.

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Great for a variety of applications

CNC Machining

Loading/unloading CNC machines; support varied cycle times and finishing operations, increase uptime, and lower scrap rates

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PCB Handling & ICT

Tending circuit board testers; move and manipulate delicate components throughout the process.

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Metal Fabrication

Tending press brake machines; improve worker safety and satisfaction, increase productivity, improve quality.

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Packing cases, packaging parts and materials, and stacking layers for different types of products and containers

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Test & Inspection

Multi-point inspection with a single camera, full digital traceability of results, error proof processing.

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Loading & Unloading

Moving parts to and from tables, cases, conveyors, fixtures, and more, maintaining counts and re-orienting parts.

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Molding Operations

Tending injection molding machines; reduced cycle times, increase machine time utilization and reduce errors.

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Basic Specs

Sawyer Datasheet

Max Reach 1260 mm (49.6 in)
Gantry Reach 900 mm (35.4 in)
Task Repeatability ±0.1 mm (±0.004 in)
Typical Tool Speed 1.5 m/s
Degrees of Freedom 7
Operating Temperature 5°C - 40°C (41°F - 104°F), 80% Relative Humidity
Joint Ranges J0 - J3 = 350 degrees, J4 - J5 = 340 degrees, J6 = 540 degrees
Payload 4 kg (8.8lb)
Power Requirements 100-240 VAC, 47-63 Hz, 4A Max
I/O Ports (Controller) 8 digital in / 8 digital out
Communication Modbus TCP, TCP/IP
IP Class 54
Collaborative Standards ISO 10218-1:2011
I/O End of Arm 4 digital in / 2 digital out / 2 analog in / 24 VDC 2A, ClickSmart Plate Required
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