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If you’re in need of the best options and the very best products when you’re looking for DIN-rail power supplies and similar items, look no further than Triad Technologies. We are a distributor for one of the most technologically advanced companies on the market, PULS. As we only distribute the highest quality of products and partner with the best companies, it’s no wonder that we issue PULS products.

Why specifically have we partnered with PULS? Along with the cutting-edge technology they utilize and the products they offer, PULS invests a great deal into the improvement and advancement of their products on a continuous, ongoing basis. Plus, as an international company, PULS realized that to serve different areas of the global market better, they would need to establish facilities in different locations to develop a better understanding of local needs. PULS USA & Americas was created in 2003. Since then, PULS has been providing clients in the Americas with excellent service and first-rate products that are readily available to be shipped within 24 hours

Being a leading international manufacturer of DIN-rail power supplies and other specialties means PULS has locations, factories and partners across the globe. All of these locations offer the same thing to PULS clients: products that are efficient, that have the longest service lives on the market and that have high reliability, along with exceptional customer service, of course! All of these qualities are reflected in the PULS line of DIN-rail power supplies. PULS also offers quality single phase AC/DC power supplies, three-phase AC/DC power supplies, and redundant power supplies and modules, and many, many more items. Adding any of PULS’s products into your electronic systems gives the components in your application a longer life because there is less heat generated with PULS keeping the internal temperatures of the enclosures and control cabinets lower.

If you’re debating whether or not PULS products would work in your application, PULS already proudly provides solutions for the following: machine construction, control and automation, plant and systems construction, robotics, drive technology, building automation, lighting technology, cleaning technology, and construction machinery. Easy to install, simple to use, and that they create products that work dependably are some of the reasons we partner with PULS.

Our team of technical application experts is just that: experts. Based on the experience of our experts who have been in the business for decades, we can assure you that PULS’s product line of DIN-rail power supplies, single phase AC/DC power supplies, three-phase AC/DC power supplies, and redundant power supplies and modules will help you achieve your company’s goal in a cost-effective manner.

At Triad Technologies, we make sure our customers have the best high-tech industrial automation solutions. We wouldn’t carry and distribute PULS products if we thought otherwise. Contact us today for more information.

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