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Automation requires many forms and types of technology to function. Whatever part of the automation industry you’re in, knowing the distance, positioning and angles of a shaft or axle are critical to quality and efficiency. The proper piece of equipment needed to ensure the angular position is none other than a positioning encoder. Depending on the needs of your business, there could be countless options of positioning encoders available for you.

Positioning encoders, along with other types of encoders, can help improve efficiency in your business. As there are two main types of positioning encoders, absolute and incremental, it is best to know what your needs are before delving into encoders. Absolute encoders are used to indicate the current position of the shaft and the data of the shaft’s position that must be maintained after losing power. Incremental denotes they are used to indicate the motion of the shaft, which includes aspects like speed, position and distance. Incremental encoders are also used when absolute position is not necessarily needed when power is lost.

While absolute and incremental encoders are the two main types of positioning encoders, there are others types. Wire-draw encoders, linear encoders and wheeled encoders all have different traits to perform various tasks. These encoders still do the same basic job: they convert the angular position of the shaft or axle into a type of code and measure the positioning of a shaft or axle; but the structure of these encoders is different. They work on different mechanical principles to provide similar information. Depending on what part of the automation industry you’re in — industrial controls, robotics, etc. — there is a type of encoder that fits what you’re looking for.

As there are numerous different applications that call for positioning sensors, we partner with only the best companies to distribute positioning encoders. Our main partner for such encoders is SICK USA. With a wide range of dependable products that service numerous industries, it’s no surprise SICK is a well-respected brand. For almost 50 years, the company has been a leading manufacturer of factory and process automation technology around the world. If you’re not entirely sure of what encoder you need, SICK even offers an Encoder Selection Guide to determine what encoder is best for you and to examine the differences among the numerous types.

At Triad Technologies, we only offer the best quality products and work with only the best companies in the automation business. That’s why we distribute encoders for SICK USA. Feel free to view our Line Card to see all of the companies we partner with and the products we can provide. As always, don’t hesitate to Contact us for more information on positioning encoders and the other products we distribute. The employees at Triad are experts in all facets of the industrial automation business, so we can help you determine what encoder suits your needs.

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