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Comtrol Corporation has been a manufacturer and provider of quality networking and industrial data communication products for more than 30 years. Specializing in industrial Ethernet and device connectivity, Comtrol has the solution for your data communication applications. With representation across North America, EMEA, Asia and Latin America, Comtrol offers IO-Link master industrial gateways, RocketLinx® industrial grade Ethernet and Power over Ethernet switches, DeviceMaster® Ethernet device servers and gateways and RocketPort® multiport serial cards.

IO-Link Master Gateways

Comtrol’s IO-Link Master provides the most versatile industrial IO-Link Master gateway solutions with support for the industry’s leading protocols: EtherNet/IP, PROFINET (PNIO) and Modbus TCP. You can easily integrate the IO-Link Master into an industrial network with existing and new installations using our powerful web interface. Comtrol IO-Link masters also included a technology called Multi-Link which allows the user or integrator to communicate to two industrial Ethernet protocols simultaneously.

Comtrol is also the North American Competency Center for IO-Link. Check out more about this product here:

RocketLink Industrial Ethernet Switches

Comtrol’s RocketLinx Industrial Ethernet Switches are designed to meet high performance and environmental demands. These Industrial Ethernet Switches are especially great for applications requiring extended operating temperatures, rugged housings and high performance and reliability such as: industrial automation, traffic and transportation, power utility, security and surveillance monitoring, and hospitality and peripheral communications.

With both managed and unmanaged models available, the RocketLinx ES series of switches provide cost-effective networking solutions delivering the industry’s best rugged Ethernet switch technologies.

All Comtrol Ethernet switch options and information can be seen here:

Devicemaster UP Gateways

The DeviceMaster UP Industrial Ethernet Gateways are designed to provide innovative PLC to device connectivity.

Comtrol DeviceMaster UP provides EtherNet/IP, Modbus/TCP, Modbus RTU/ASCII, and PROFINET connectivity to a wide variety of devices. Highly advanced raw/ASCII device interface functionality simplifies PLC programming and ensures robust operation. These features greatly simplify connecting devices such as barcode scanners, RFID readers, weigh scales, vision systems, printers, encoders, and sensors to PLCs.

More information and product options can be viewed here:

RocketPort Mult-Port Serial Cards

The RocketPort Multi-Port Serial Cards make high-performance device connectivity reliable, cost-effective, and easy. Expand the amount of I/O devices you can connect and control from your PC with the Comtrol RocketPort line. A wide array of port densities, interfaces, surge protection, and rack mount options means there is one to fit your networking needs.

All of Comtrol’s RocketPort product options can be viewed here:

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